High-Risk Vehicles for Gambling Industry

  • High-Risk Vehicles for Gambling Industry

    When comparing a sporty concept car to a production vehicle, there is a vast chasm. Automakers spend years and millions developing innovative vehicles and trucks. If their gamble on advanced tech and a receptive consumer base fail. It could hurt their brand and income for years.

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    Automakers’ Top Three High-Risk Bets

    Here are several cars that are huge bets for the auto industry.

    2015 Ford Mustang

    Changing a well-known car model might enrage the passionate people who assemble in garages around the country to discuss cars. The next iteration of Ford’s pony car is no different from previous redesigns. The 2015 Ford Mustang’s EcoBoost engine was controversial, but its appearance was less aggressive.

    Tesla Model X

    When compared to other well-known automakers. Tesla takes more risks than its competitors. The electric car maker financed its first mainstream automobiles through Treasury loans, ZEV credits, and pre-orders. Elon Musk created a seven-seat sports SUV with falcon-wing doors after the Model S’s popularity.

    Cadillac ELR

    Cadillac’s ELR represents a double risk for the company. A lot of people were probably going to be disappointed that the Cadillac didn’t have that signature snarl when running on electricity. The second obstacle was the prohibitive cost. When compared to other highly praised Cadillac models. This one has a starting price of over $75,000, making one question who would spend such a figure.

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